Transformers Optimus Case Mod

Brennan Lancaster


This build was inspired by the new transformers movie The Last Knight and the design is based around a battle damaged Optimus Prime.

I started with the case, I chose the Corsair Carbide Series Spec 04 because I felt the front panel had a good automotive transformer shape which would be a good base for my case mod. I then started designing from there. I knew I wanted it to have a beat up look like it had been through battle so I started my research. I had seen what techniques and paint previous modders had used to add a distressed look. But it takes more than paint to truly build a one of a kind PC so I found actual Cybertronian letters from the movie to engrave onto the front panel of the case above where the autobot logo will sit. The front panel is also wired with LEDs behind bullet holes to add a flickering fire effect to the case.

Corsair Spec 04 Front.png

I wanted a trucker/race style switch panel so I wired 12v toggle switches to 5 molex connectors to all work individually. I also fabbed over the old power button and USBs smooth with the front panel and added a starter button to the top of the PC case.


The case still needed a nice PSU shroud, so I took some solid steel and bent it with a torch and hammer till I achieved the desired shape. Then took a acetylene torch to it to add some battle damage before paint. 



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