Project Blackout V1.0 (My first custom PC)

Brennan Lancaster

Project Blackout was the first PC I ever built or modded. It was a Dell Dimension 3000, When my granny gave me this old pc I wanted to make it look like the ones I had seen online and make it able to handle light gaming. So I upgraded the cpu ram and gpu with what money I had at the time and scrap parts from old broken computers. It was also my very first mod when I made a custom side panel window with my dad.

Pentium 4 3.5Ghz Hyperthreaded
Geforce 6200 from EVGA

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  • How did you make the side case for this computer? My son is trying to do a sleeper build from old computer parts and would like to modify the case for show and increased air flow.


  • This is cool, I have not built anything lately but do have an older HP in the basement I could mod for the kids (fun). LOL nice bro.


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