CrimzonStorm V1 December 2016

Brennan Lancaster

Project CrimzonStorm was my first build where I really tried to outdo myself to make the cleanest most modern looking gaming machine and where I really stepped into the pc modding word.
Intel i5 4690k (Devil's Canyon)
BioStar H81MG Ver. 6.x (LGA1150)
MSI Gtx 950 OC Edition
2 x 4gb HyperX Savage DDR3(8gb)
EVGA 750 GQ Gold Power Supply
Modified Parvum R1.0 Full Acrylic Case
The build started with a upside motherboard to display a right sided window on my second pc. I looked around and Parvum matched my theme perfectly so I worked with them to customize the R1.0 Case to look exactly how I wanted it to. It also took some slight modding to get HDDs and SSDs exactly where i wanted them so this case is one of a kind with mods from Parvum like a back window and mods from BrennansPCTech.
Next I started with  hardware and I found a EVGA PSU on Ebay cheap without OEM cables so i used a multimeter and found the pinout to make my own OEM replacements made to size and sleeved
Then I got a Biostar B81MG Mother Board to match the red astetic, paired witth a i5 4690k and watercooling supplied by ModMyMods.
From there i Modified the GPU. It was a Black and white OC Krait edition Gtx950 so i painted everthing blasck and reed then i removed the MSI logos and added rted acrilic accents. Since the GPU would be upsid down attention to detail on the cooler was creutial. I still made a simple yet highend backplate for the GPU even though it was facing down.

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